“Who Am I and Why Am I here”

Happy to meet you all here and know all about you and serve you through this life travel guide and advise going through different aspect of living in this earth. Just like many of you, I’m a people servant from a small but beautiful and as well as amazing country – Philippines.

My name is Edgardo Poniente Marquez, 55 years of age and happily married to a public school teacher, blessed with two brilliant children but the youngest already home with God Almighty. Am here to join the blogging world just to express and use more of myself thus creating interest into the world. As you may know, I’ve been in the service of people in the realm of religious ministry which allow me to serve and at the same time travelling in many places meeting with different race and culture for more than twenty years now.

I believe that I will be reaching more people of different culture and needs with this kind of platform and means. Needless to say that I wanna improve myself and develop skills through blogging and hope to find more opportunities of growing my career. For I know that this is indeed another challenge that I have to take in my life believing to find good community out there to share my talent thus creating an impact to the world and become an inspiration and source of blessings to others from every corner of the world.

Blessings and Cheers!

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