Where are you going?

This is a fundamental question that each traveler must answer. Isn’t that exciting to travel when do you know where you are heading to! What I will share with you is about travel in different perspective. It’s about travelling in life going through prosperity towards building to a life retirement. Are you ready? Let’s go…

Just like my previous post, I’m going to start on the premise of God’s Word written in Deuteronomy 8 :18;

But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.”

I want to say that it is not wrong in God’s sight to produce wealth, in fact He has given us the ability to do it according to His way and design. The question is, do we really have that kind of ability to produce wealth for our retirement that we may give Him the glory and honor?

Alice 1

I remember Alice in the animation movie Alice in the wonderland as she all wanted to travel for adventure she was caught in one point of her life where she did not know which way to take in, but what was good there was a Cheshire cat that she can asked to, and the conversation went like this…


alice 2





Cheshire Cat

Alice 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Alice

Alice 4




Cheshire Cat

Alice 5

So do you know that each one of us is travelling going to our own retirement destination? And you still don’t much care for that? That is why it doesn’t matter with you on which way you are taking to!

It seem to me that the rich know something about money that the rest of us don’t. Are you one of those? Yes I do agree that after all, the richest 1% of people now hold half of the world’s wealth, according to the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report.

Allow me to share the following tips based on the excerpt, 7 Secrets the Wealthy Know that many People Don’t (published on Oct. 18, 2016).

      1. Spending must align with goals

      2. Don’t waste money to impress others

  1. Have plenty of liquidity

          Everyone should aim to build an emergency fund with enough cash to cover six to  nine months of expenses, Kay said. However, you don’t have to set that much aside all at once.

  1. Costs matter
  1. Asset location is as important as asset allocation

If you’ve read anything about investing and saving for retirement, you’ve likely encountered advice about asset allocation — having the right mix of investments, rather than putting all of your money in just one asset. Please check on my prvious post about investment fund for retirement

  1. Year-round tax planning is crucial

The rich don’t wait until April to start thinking about their tax returns. They take steps throughout the year to lessen the impact of taxes, said Kay. With the help of tax professionals, the wealthy also avoid making costly tax mistakes. So pay early as you can.

Additionally, the wealthy protect their savings by making charitable contributions throughout the year — gifts of cash, goods or both, said Kay. If you itemize on your tax return rather than take the standard deduction, you can deduct charitable contributions to qualified organizations. The more you deduct, the more you reduce your taxable income. This charitable contribution I’ve discussed  is part of the 10% allocation as donation fund.

“Charitable giving is an excellent tool to mitigate tax consequences,” said Schulte. “The wealthy know this, and you don’t have to be wealthy to do it.”

  1. It’s important to hire advisors

Wealthy people surround themselves with knowledgeable tax, legal, and financial professionals. I believe that to increase your odds of accumulating wealth, don’t assume you need to be rich to consult an advisor.

Maybe the rich do have secrets to accumulating wealth, but that doesn’t mean what they know has to remain a mystery.  It depends on you now whether to take it, apply it, or reject it. But for me I advise you apply what you’ve learned.

Leave your feedback and comments below. Blessings and Cheers!

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