How to Prepare for a Long Travel

      Traveling especially abroad can be a wonderful experience and full of fun, excitement and challenges. It’s important to prepare before you take your trip so that you’ll have the best time possible, and avoid mishaps like leaving passport or ticket or having your credit card declined. You’ll need to plan your trip months ahead of time to set everything in order like having your immunizations, passport, and travel visa. You can even purchase a guidebook to learn more about the destination country’s customs and language.

          I’d been in this situation several times for travelling is part of my work. Before, I travel a lot in different places of my beautiful country – Philippines until such time I was given an opportunity to travel out of the country way back in year 2,000  from Singapore to Malaysia,  and from 2014 to present year from  Canada to United States of America. And all those because of the Sovereignty of God from whom all blessings flow and the maker of the whole universe and all things in it!

       In the next couple of days I will be traveling going back home all the way from Grangeville Idaho to City of Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines. And I tell you it’s gonna be an exciting journey because of some lay-over I will be taking in – I want you to view my upcoming itinerary;

            From Grangeville to Lewiston to Boise to Seattle to Seoul to Manila then to my final destination Cavite: Yes we shall commit everything in God’s hand but our task is to work for it as being responsible person as we can. So I have here with me at least some practical and basic tips for travelling overseas that everyone may learn and apply. And it can be applied to domestic travel as well;

A. Plan your Itinerary

  1. Secure your passport  passport
    1. apply it from your country point of origin at least six months before your travel.
    2. be sure it will not be expired till six months when you travel.
  2. Apply for necessary visacanada visa for travel
    1. find out the necessary visa requirement especially international travel
    2. apply for it at least six months before travelus visa1
  3. Undergo some recommended immunizations immunization.jpg
    1. You may have to begin immunization injections many months in advance. Immunizations are usually optional but recommended for tourist travel in certain parts of the world. For some countries you need no immunizations at all.
      • Check out the Center for Disease Control website to learn which immunizations are recommended or required based on your destination. This is good for your health and people you are to mingle with.
  4. Purchase and book your ticket
    1. do it yourself through online booking if you want to save more.
    2. or you can do it through travel tour agency that you can save more time, just browse on the internet.
  5. Purchase your Health or Travel Insurance
  6. Decide and Book where you will Stay
  7. Determine the Best Way to Get Around

B. Learn the International Custom

  1. Study the native language
    1. At the very least, you should know a few terms and phrases, such as “hello,” “please,” “thank you,” “my name is…” “what is your name?” and “where is the washroom?” The more you can understand and speak the language, the better for you.
  2. Check the Local Weather Condition and practices
    1. That you can prepare proper clothing for it
    2. Research about the Local Dress and Customs
    3. Find out some People Etiquette to avoid Embarrassment

C. Organize your Essentials

  1. Know the International Exchange Rates
  2. Notify your Bank about your Upcoming Trip
  3. Add an International Calling Plan to your Phone Service
  4. Have your Travel Documents Ready
    1. Set apart in small bag the passport and flight ticket(s) and other important documents.
    2. Never mess up everything so you will not be rattled.
  5. Pack wisely your Luggage and Carry-on according to baggage policy
    1. Don’t try to overload or go against the rule or else you’ll be penalized
  6. Don’t get so excited, organize yourself
    1. Be normal because everything will be fine.
  7. Check and confirm flight schedule through online or your agency two to three days before travel;
    1. Be sure that your schedule flight is confirmed that there will be no changes happen.
  8. Have a good rest or sleep a day before travel
    1. It’s a must for everyone to have this especially if you’ll be taking longer flight(s).
  9. Have in cash ready on pocket for foods and immediate needsDiabetes Self-Management – Money Is Strong Diabetes Medicine
  10. If you are taking International flight, see to it that you will have a currency of the country that you will be going.
  11. Come to the airport two to three hours before the flight
    1. Calculate your travel time from your home to the airport, including the unexpected traffic and hassles that might be happening along the road.
    2. Leave your home as early as you can to come to the airport 2-3 hours before flight.
  12. Relax and enjoy everything
    1. Be friendly and take the opportunity to meet different people of different culture.
    2. Lend your help for help when someone needs it.
  13. Be patient and control yourself by being not hot temper
    1. Be casual and do not shout to people
    2. Respect the right of other people and do not be so selfish.
  14. Bring things with you to work for while waiting especially during long hours of stop-over;
    1. Cellular phone
    2. I-pad or laptop
    3. Reading materials


                By the way I would like to mention this; thank you so much my dear brother Dan and my sister Lorie for making this travel come true, without you this should not have been possible – I have no enough words to say but thank you from the bottom of my heart. O yes well appreciated you excellent and untiring accommodation and many side travel trips along the whole Idaho. Extend my sincerest thanksgiving as well to some Filipino friends and to the brethren of Grangeville Gospel Tabernacle Church and the Brethren Church in Orofino.

               And yes of course thank you also Vancouver Unida Church thru the leadership of Rev. Eric Rosales and family (Fe, IM & Vhie) and the church leaders and members and family of Engr. Ef  for all the good side travel going through Vancouver BC. I enjoyed so much of you guys that I have nothing to give you but Praised God through your lives. Till next time, lol!

                 My gratitude to you all…in everything give thanks

                 Oh my! I might be a little off from my topic but I guess I really gone through several things that can guide you for travel flight especially overseas and hoping this piece of advise will help you on your next travel.  Just leave your comment below and don’t forget to share this to others so they may be blessed as well.

                 Blessings and Cheers!


4 thoughts on “How to Prepare for a Long Travel

  1. Wow! I love your blog! These are practical tips and very useful for travellers both local and abroad! God bless po bishop!😇🙌


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