Getting into the Winter Wonderland “McCALL”!

          It’s about two to three hours drive from Grangeville where I came from a good travel tour courtesy of my Brother Dan. The place  is not known to me for I am a completely stranger in the area having me treated a free travel visit along through different places is a in fact a great opportunity and a big blessing for a simple adventurous man like me…our destination today is McCALL – the so called Winter Wonderland of Idaho, so join me in for I wanna give you the taste of my travel adventure overseas…

          The weather is normal when we left Grangeville but after 30 – 60 minutes in the road snows coming in and what you’ve seen along the road and the mountain sides over lush forest are nothing but clear white snow…1

          Of course driving on this kind of condition you must be very cautious but a good thing here is that my brother is an experience seasoned driver but deep inside my heart I uttered words of prayer while we were running the snowy road.

          Finally we have arrived in McCall and lo there’s a big heap of snow all over the place and yet many people were roaming around – Yes It was a Winter fest on the city no wonder why peoples from different places and race were there.2


          A Snow Sculpture contest were the people after for, residents and establishments participated on that momentary event of their lifetime! That’s why some pics I posted bearing number signifying their respective entry number…

          Want to feel how I felt when I’d been there? I guessed some of you will enjoy but many are not. Just for your curiosity how I managed to stand and mingle with the peoples and roamed around the area, well the was I’d been wearing – from head to foot I had eighteen pieces suits, you heard it right 18 hehehe…3McCall2


          You know what, that negative degrees and huge snow did not stop me to explore. For thirty minutes away from the city we went further and had great experienced on Sleigh ride with other group of people and I had once in a lifetime personal experienced with those wild Elks in the wide field of snow…

          When we stopped on the midst of a desert snow where our seats composed of hays, those wild animals came to us and started to eat the hays while we were seating there and I personally touched at least two of them while seated on the cart-like truck run and pulled by two horses.





Here I’m going to give you slight info of McCall according to Wikipedia;

          McCall is a resort town on the western edge of Valley County Idaho, United States. It is named after its founder, Tom McCall, it is situated on the southern shore of Payette Lake, near the center of the Payette National Forest. The population was 2,991 as of the 2010 census was about 2,084 in 2000.Payette Lake at McCall in July 2010

         McCall is now an all-season tourist destination for outdoor recreation. The resort town is known for its Winter Carnival, extended winters, and one of the highest average snowfalls in the state. Would you believe that this beautiful lake surrounded the city has been all frozen  with deep snow during this travel tour I am sharing with.

          It  is approximately 100 miles (160 km) north of Boise – the capital of Idaho, about a 2-hour drive, accessed via State Highway 55, the Payette River Scenic Byway, a designated national scenic byway. It heads north from Eagle in Ada County to Horseshoe Bend in Boise County, and climbs the whitewater of the Payette River to Cascade and McCall.

          Now it’s time to give and bring the glory and honor to our God for He alone deserves all praises for everything we have and we do.

Inviting you all to leave your comments below and follow my upcoming post.

Blessings and Cheers!



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